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Saamuri Wine Bar

Cafe / Bar / Restaurant

The word ‘saamuri in Georgian means ‘fun’ and ‘pleasant,’ and that’s exactly what Saamuri Wine Bar offers customers – a wide selection of pleasant natural wines from all over the country. 

Natural wines are now becoming popular in Georgia. Therefore, a few winemakers make natural wines, and Saamuri Wine Bar tries to support these small enterprises by offering a marketplace for their products. 

The bar currently has around 100 wines from about 30 producers, most of which are Natural Wine Association members. 

Saamuri also has its own label and wine line, bottling wines from different winemakers and presenting to the customers at slightly cheaper than the market price. 

Moreover, besides the excellent selection of wines, the bar also showcases other Georgian alcoholic drinks besides wines, such as craft beer, Chacha, Kombucha, and other highly alcoholic beverages to its customers. 

In addition, they have a few imported natural wines from Italy, France, and New Zealand. Here, you can even try real champagne from the Champagne region. 

They offer cheese and meat boards assembled with high-quality Georgian products to nibble on.