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Vintage Market @ Fabrika


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Whoever you are, whatever kind of clothes make your heart shake, you’ve entered into the wardrobe of 1900’s! Classic style of 20’s or Punk style of 80’s…
🎶 Doesn’t matter what kind of music you like : Jazz or Rock, Soul or Disco, film or design… Doesn’t matter your age or the type of day you’re now having – pleasantly creative mood of Vintage Festival will mesmerize you…
☀ Vintage market is celebrating the gratefulness of fashion of 1920-1990. One should expect everything: Street style and surrealistic uniforms and cozy home clothes…
And most importantly, everything is Eco-Friendly!
🌿 Each of the festival item creates the better future, because vintage clothes makes us get rid of secondary air and damaged nature!
Nothing suits festival more, than it’s majesty – The Music! Eclectic and diverse with it’s style and genre: swing, jazz, blues, rock, funk and disco, house and may be a little bit of soul?
🍄 Vintage notes will be played by:
Alfreda Stieglitz
Voodo Shaman
Hasiro <[*]> Surosva

🍹 No need to talk about mouth-watering food and drinks one will taste on festival!
So we’re waiting for you with kind heart and vintage mood!