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The Rat – Video Installation by Bertrand Gadenne / TAF

18.05 - 25.05.2018

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In the frame of Tbilisi Art Fair (TAF) The Galerie Bernard Jordan presents the unusual and poetic luminous installation of the French artist Bertrand Gadenne – The Rat.

Location: FABRIKA Project Space
Address: 8 E. Ninoshvili St

About the artist
Bertrand Gadenne likes to puzzle the viewer, to tackle his senses of perception, to question the “reality” of an image. Since 1983, coming from a background in experimental cinema, he has built unusual and striking projection mechanisms. Using light projections, he gives new birth to living beings and natural elements (water, stones), creating situations of magical charm, falling somewhere between daydream and the bizarre.
These ephemeral situations, which create ambivalent thoughts between humor and uneasiness in the viewer, and the fragile miracle of their visibility, are propitious to a meditation on our relation to reality, our presence in the world, its fragility, and its foreseeable disappearance.
We are not far here from the Surrealists’ meanderings : the luminous apparitions became a mental construction, a food for thought. It might be just this that Bertrand Gadenne wishes to provoke: to play with our tranquil assurance, our sense of understanding the world, for an just one moment.
Gadenne lives in Roubaix (North of France) and teached at the École Régionale des Beaux Arts de Dunkerque. His work is frequently exhibited in museums, art centers and galleries in France and internationally, and most recently in Maison Ackerman (2017), at Saint-Gervais les Bains (2016), in Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen (2013), in Russia for the Museum Night (2012), in the MAC, Sao Paulo (in 2009, the “Year of France” in Brasil), in the Art Today Museum, Beijing (China, 2008), in the Institut Français of Bremen (Germany, 2008), and in the LAAC, Dunkerque (France, 2008).