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Soundwave: Killages


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We are very happy to introduce you, one of the most prominent bands in Georgia – Killages.

Killages is Electronic Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock band founded in 2017. The band became very popular from the beginning. They won Altervision Newcomers contest, after that Killages participates in almost every festival held in Georgia (Tbilisi Open Air 2017/2018, Bakhmaro Sunset Fest, Black Sea Sound festival, Funday Park, Tbilisi City Festival, Summer Set and etc.).

The band also performed outside Georgia, they participated in Majunia Festival in Poland.

They played with artists, such as Kadebostany, Akua Naru, Worakls, WhoMadeWho, Cigarettes After Sex, Tom Odell, N’to and others.

Their popularity grows day by day and we can say that, they are one of the most prominent bands in Georgia.