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Record Store Day 2019


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Record Store Day 2019 is coming up!

This is a day when musicians, DJs and collectors unite for one simple purpose – to share and spread music by means of buying/selling and exchanging records.

If you are collecting records and want to sell or exchange a small portion of your collection, please fill out this simple form: https://forms.gle/tpYNQCz3S3e6VFD3A

With the initiative of Vodkast Records, Record Store Day will take place in Tbilisi for the third time on April 13th at Vodkast.

The amount and price of the records are determined by the sellers themselves, so don’t hesitate to participate, even if you have a few records to sell or exchange.
line up:

13:00 – JD J & Ani
13:50 – Kancheli
14:40 – Zurkin
15:30 – Deka
16:20 – 3rd Soul
17:10 – Bmi
18:00 – Ndrx
18:50 – Ericsson
19:40 – Vakho
20:30 – Emin