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Playtronica Pop-up Session – Veggy Jam


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Learn how to play music in a band with fruits and vegetables instead of ordinary music instruments.
– Age: 8+
– Duration: 1 hour
– Language: English
– No musical background needed
– You can participate in creating music

Introduction to modern electronic music

Playtronica is a platform that bridges entertainment, education and art through interactive musical experiences.
It is an open-source toolkit for creating immersive sensory interactions.
Playtronica gives a voice and soul to everything around: fruits and vegetables, furniture and toys, and even parts of your own body. Playtronica empower children with the tools they need to bring their dreams to life and to be prepared for the future. If anyone can fix the imperfect world of “smart” things, it’s digital natives who are both tech-savvy and full of dreams.

For more info see the video: https://goo.gl/dJmG7t