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Money conversations: What your bank will never tell you about Money.


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“How much does money influence your life, your work, and your relationships? How does money make you truly feel?

Happy? Fearful? Sad? Powerful? Frustrated?
A combination of the above?


Money impacts and influences every aspect of our lives … Deeply! And yet, it remains one of the oldest, deepest taboos in world.
How can we begin to change it if we cannot even talk about it?

Well…the time has come for that to change!

If we cannot afford something we want or need, it is common to turn to banks and other financial institutions. Some banks provide a better service than others, and I am not “anti-bank”. That being said, everyone need to know a few things about Money that a bank will never say.”

As part of the Money Conversation Cafe series, you are invited to another evening of provocative and interactive discussion about Money with Chris Lascor from Global Pecunia.