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Meeting with Paul Domela


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Manifesta Biennial aims to investigate and reflect on emerging developments in contemporary art, set within a European context. It seeks fresh and fertile terrain for the mapping of a new cultural topography that includes innovations in curatorial practices, exhibition models and education. It explores the psychological and geographical territory of Europe, referring both to border-lines and concepts. This process aims to establish closer dialogue between particular cultural and artistic situations and the broader, international fields of contemporary art, theory and politics in a changing society.

Paul Domela, Manifesta Biennial’s head of business, has been an active member and contributor of Manifesta for over 17 years. He’s been closely involved with multiple biennials in St. Petersburg, Zurich, Palermo and currently Marseille. Paul will be talking about the various forms of artistic expression and transformative nature of art forms within locational scope.

Please note that the meeting will be held in English.