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Lecture ‘Think. Do not just Act.’

Inkstone Georgia Lecture Series


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Introductory Lecture in the InkstoneGeorgia Lecture Series

Target Audience: Intellectuals, Thinkers, Philosophers, Change makers, Professionals, Businessmen, Social Entrepreneurs, College Students, Educators

“What if the way we perceive a problem is already part of the problem?” – Slavoj Zizek
This being the introductory lecture in our series, we expect to go a little basic and touch the foundation of our whole idea- ‘encouraging people to think’. One doesn’t need factual matrix or statistical data to understand the worsening scenario that the world is being pushed into. The obscenities of life are out there screaming for a complete systemic overhaul. However, many do believe in reformatory aspect of the change. The choice of solution can only make sense when our mind has understood everything in the most appropriate perspective and contextualized the facts before us. This process require thinking. We will broadly discuss the issue and introduce the participants to what we intend to do at InkstoneGeorgia.

Speaker: Paramjeet Berwal (‘Pammy’)
About the Speaker: Pammy is a social entrepreneur, business consultant, educator, founder of Inkstone (Policy and Legal Advocacy) and Inkstone Georgia. He has numerous publications to his credit in international journals including Oxford University Press and Sweet & Maxwell. His research work deals with wide range of disciplines. His educational background includes names such as Max Planck Institute (Germany), George Washington University (USA), University of Oxford (England), World Intellectual Property Organization Academy (Switzerland). He is a visiting lecturer at several universities.

Limited Seats: 20 participants
Time Duration: 1 hour
Date: September 01, 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 1900 to 2000 [7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.)
Attendance Fee: Introductory Free Lecture (however, donations are welcome!)
Bank Account Information:
Name of Beneficiary: Paramjeet singh Berwal
Bank Code: TBCBGE 22
Account No. : GE46TB7412445061200006

For more information, please contact: +995 599 40 42 34 or inkstonegeorgia@gmail.com

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