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Lecture – Removers – “Çıkmacılar”

@Impact Hub Tbilisi


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Onur Ceritoğlu´s lecture tells us about ‘Çıkmacılar’ (removers), who salvage to be demolished buildings for reuse and recycle purposes in Istanbul. Their existence can be traced back to informal urbanization, Gecekondu (nightlanders) since the 1960s. Looking at the urban transformation geography of Istanbul, Çıkmacılar who try to exist at the intersection of Global and local economy can be discussed in the scope of gecekondu building culture and totalitarian urbanisation mechanisms that instrumentalise re-building by demolitions.
The capitalist system tends to create and instrumentalise these social infrastructures and keep them in the periphery for its benefit. Not only Çıkmacılar supply raw material for formal mass production but also they open up an unregulated economy for second-hand building materials.


Onur Ceritoğlu is a visual artist and an academic, trained as an architect. Based in Istanbul, he employs drawing, photography, video, and text to enquire into urban phenomena, regenerating them in the context of socially engaged art practices and installations. His ongoing PhD research in TU Darmstadt is based on scrap dealers [Çıkmacılar] in the urban reconstruction of Istanbul as social infrastructures who salvage to be demolished buildings for reuse and recycling purposes. He is a part of KABA HAT artist collective. https://kaba-hat.com/
Onur is also one of the participants of the upcoming Tbilisi Architecture Biennial in October 2018.

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