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Laughter Yoga on Rooftop


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Be happy here and now!

Laughter Yoga – This is a powerful psycho-energy practice!
This is a mixture of laughter, pranayama, different types of meditation, visualization and physical exercises.
Laughter yoga sharply improves health and quality of life, positively affects the cardiovascular system, regulates pressure, strengthens the immune system.
Laughter yoga is the most enjoyable yoga among all kinds of yoga!
From laughter yoga training you receive:
• Opening the energy blocks in the body and decreasing their number
• Running of mental blocks and understanding negative divisions
• The ability to understand and manage the internal situation
• The feeling of happiness “here and now”
• Improved quality of life

The session is led by a laughter yoga master Levan Ramishvili
TEL.: 592 033 888