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Workshop: How to create a resume you are proud of


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Facilitator: Vessy Tasheva, Chief Marketing Officer of Enhancv.com

In this 90min workshop, Vessy will help you
– discover what you are good at and what you enjoy doing so you can pursue a job that brings you satisfaction
– identify the key things about you, so they come across in your resume and people remember them
– create a resume that stands out, so people actually notice it and read it

Bring your notebook AND your laptop to the workshop, as you will need both.

Prior to the workshop, please create your account on Enhancv.com where we will be crafting the resumes. You can use the promocode “proudofmyresume” to access their Enhancv Pro for FREE for 1 year.

Venue: Fabrika Hostel, First Floor, Green Meeting Room.