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Graffiti Workshop by T-Kid


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We are thrilled to announce that this year our festival will host the legendary graffiti artist T-KID from New York!

Tkid will have a workshop for Georgian graffiti artists and not only.
The participants will learn about the graffiti materials and tools and create the graffiti artwork themselves.

The working language is English.

Attendance is free but the workshop can host only 15 participants.
For participation, it is required to fill in the form: https://forms.gle/meUaSe2kTQsCRMkAA

World-renowned graffiti artist, Julius Cavero aka T-KID 170, began his “career” in the mid ‘70s tagging under the name “King 13”. After a gang-related shoot-out, T-KID suffered three shots to the leg, nearly killing him. T-KID sketched endlessly, recreating himself as T-KID 170. At that time, Julius T-KID gave up gang life for street art. T-KID 170 became famous for his unique lettering, illustration style, and extremely prolific train-bombing.

Many thanks for the support to US Embassy Tbilisi, Georgia