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Exhibition: Myth? City?

04.04 - 16.04.2023

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Throughout human history, creative endeavors have focused mainly on pursuing notions and translating them into various verbal, audio, or visual forms of expression.

In contemporary times, literature, philosophy, fine art, and new media art are increasingly dedicated to this pursuit. As individuals navigate the complexities of the digital world and blur boundaries between reality and virtuality, they are often left feeling uncertain. However, this uncertainty can lead to a deeper exploration of anthropocentric values and beliefs, strengthening personal conviction.

The works presented by the students are allusions to Baudrillard’s “City and Hatred” and our archaic myth.

The exhibition tries to indicate that the modern city is a highly mythologized and nearly hermetic system of coordinates within which the cultural text is inscribed.

The “Myth? City?” student exhibition, featuring the works of second-year students from the Faculty of Fine Arts and fourth-year students from the Media Faculty, will open on April 4, 2023, at 6:00 PM in the “Project Space” of the Fabrika located at Ninoshvili 8. The exhibition will run until April 16, 2023.

Participating artists:

Nini Sakvarelidze, Sofo Kordzakhia, Nata Gelashvili, Luka Ishkhneli, Gigi Giorbelidze, Nita Maare, Victoria Sarkisov, Elene Lobzhanidze, Salome Turashvili, Nika Tvauri, Valeria Valishvili, Mariam Kartsidze, Mariam Gogiashvili, Giorgi Chkhaidze, Keti Davitadze, Tina Bikinashvili, Eliza Jibedncharadze, Davit Kublashvili, Nika Kotchlamazishvili.

Luka Khoferia, Dea Dekanoidze, Davit Gindia, Ekaterine Babina, Giorgi Kortkhonjia, Saba Gelashvili, Marishka Tsiklauri, Natia Tkabladze, Tatia Mangoshvili, Giorgi Okujava, Nika Butsinashvili, Natia Bukhrashvili, Ia Kvrivishvili, Elene Managadze, Natalie Shubitidze.

Author of the project idea: Culturologist Lela Iakobishvili-Firalishvili

Curated by: Dato Koroshinadze