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DIVExFabrika Sessions: BNELETI (Ben Wheeler)


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The performance will feature two disparate sets, one from the black metal inspired solo guitar project BNELETI and an improvised electronic set featuring East German synthesizers.

BNELETI is the black metal, ambient, and noise inspired solo project of Ben Wheeler.

The music is characterized by gloomy low-end bass lines and relentless high-end melodies, all run through a variety of loops and distortions. BNELETI performances feature live video manipulation performed by the film maker Misho Antadze, drawing from a variety of sources in experimental film, home videos, and documentaries.

Ben Wheeler is a musician, composer, and ethnomusicologist whose work features the influence of disparate global traditions meshed with experimental techniques and aesthetics. He is also the co-founder of Mountains of Tongues, an organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of the diverse musical traditions of the Caucasus region. As a composer and musician, he has performed and written for a diverse selection of bands and released multiple solo albums under his own name. He is heavily involved with the experimental music scene in Tbilisi, performing regularly both as a solo performer and in collaboration with local musicians at venues and festivals around Georgia.

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