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Cyclointuitio: new ways to live, work, and travel


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“After 13 years of existence in between 3 continents, 6 countries and 10 cities where I lived, worked and/or studied; I decided to connect it all to undertake the journey of my dreams, I named it: Cyclointuitio a cycle journey around the globe with no aircraft, no date, no destination. ” – This is Marie’s story and she will share all experience with us.

Also, we will watch a movie – “A Quest of Meaning”.
It is a road-movie documentary that tells the story of two childhood friends who go around the world to meet the great thinkers of our time. In drawing together their messages and with great humor and optimism, Marc and Nathanael invite us to join them on their soul-searching quest, calling into question our vision of the world.

After the movie we can ask questions and get answers from Marie.

We hope it will be great Autumn evening.
Free Entrance