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ChisinauKeepSmiling – exhibition in Tbilisi


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The project #ChisinauKeepSmiling on exhibition in Fabrika.

Where you can see 180 graphic forms, made on thick paper using ink, printer, and acrylic paint. After the exhibition, you will be able to purchase the graphic forms.

Exhibitions will promote the capital of Moldova.  The entire amount of money collected from the sale of that would be used to change the image of Chisinau. Such action would illustrate how beautiful the international community we are. You can find more information on the website: Chisinau.pl

The basic assumption of the project #ChisinauKeep Smiling is to change the image of the Chisinau, by carrying out a series of artistic activities, like painting murals. For one year (180 academic days), I painted miniatures depicting the views from Chişinău – 9 paintings and 16 graphic forms daily. Each in the dimensions of 25x25cm.