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Nata Zviadadze art-photoproject #chernobyl

03.07 - 05.07.2019

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The current exhibition “#CHERNOBYL” is dedicated to the 33rd anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy. The works were filmed during a five-day expedition to the “Chernobyl Exclusion Zone” in February 2019. This series has already been exhibited in Kiev on April 26, 2019 and received a gold medal at the international competition “Planet of the Children”.
Zviadadze Nata, EFIAP – Member of the National Union of Photographers of Ukraine and Member of the Arts Council of the Association of Photographers of Georgia.
Favorite genres of photographic creativity is ART, “the light brush”, street and flower still life. Passion for photography at Nata Zviadadze gradually grew from a hobby into a lifestyle. And the statement “Everything that did not get into the lens of my camera does not exist!” became a new credo of life. Photos of Nata went beyond just a captured frame, many of her works are more like paintings and engravings. To convey her emotions and feelings to the viewer through an image became her main criterion in her work.
Nata Zviadadze is a laureate of more than forty international photo contests. Her works were exhibited in Paris, Trieste (Italy), Kiev, Rivne, Baku, London and Tbilisi. Repeatedly participated in international competitions as a jury member. Received high marks of distinction- European Photographer (EP) and Excellent FIAP (EFIAP).
Some of the presented works are for sale. For questions regarding the purchase of photos, you can contact the author directly during the exhibition on July 3-5 from 7-10 PM or write to zviadadzenata@gmail.com