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@CES: World Composition Workshop Series with Ben Wheeler – Part 2


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Ben Wheeler, ethnomusicologist, experimental musician, and co-founder of Mountains of Tongues, in collaboration with Creative Education Studio, presents a three-part workshop series merging the study of music traditions around the world with unique and creative strategies for composition/song writing.
Participants will be exposed to wide variety of musical systems and cultures through ethnographic recordings, films, and hands on demonstrations and be given an introduction into using these new sounds, theories, and practices to create their own methods of composition.

Date: 07.04.2018
Time: 17:00

Tunings, Noise, and a History of New/Old Aesthetics
The second section will be a focus on the ways in which global musical characteristics around the world have influenced experimental and avant-garde composers both in the “West” and within new generations of local musical communities. The workshop will focus on distinct aspects of tunings and timbres, fidelity, and media circulation and how these attributes have been consumed and reconceived by a new generation of composers/experimental musicians.
With a special focus on:
• Tuning systems outside equal temperament
• Noise music in South East Asia
• Theories of New/Old media

The workshop series is open to absolutely everyone but will be of particular benefit to students of CES, instrumentalists interested in expanding their playing, those working with Ableton live and other DAWs to provide music for clubs, and experimental musicians wishing to broaden their influences.

Participants must register to attend the workshops.
Please send the info to info@ces.ge – name/surname/subject/contact number.

Working language – English with Georgian translation.

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