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CES Records: Celebrity Clouds Vinyl Launch


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Be the first to listen to Celebrity Clouds and grab your copy on 12 inch vinyl at Vodkast Records.
kordz and Natalie will be happy to sign your copies.

Come by if in Tbilisi and lets celebrate Celebrity Clouds together!

CES004 from CES Records, “Celebrity clouds” is compiled of four songs, which have been produced and recorded in 2018. It’s an online collaboration of Alexandre Kordzaia (kordz) and Natalie Beridze. These two came up with the concept of the record uneventfully, after recording their first track “Celebrity clouds”. Beridze’s lyrics came out completely irrelevant to Kordz’s music, that adopted a flair of humor and sarcasm to it. After that, they decided to stick the line of weird lyrics on top of synth, piano and ambiance recordings, played live by kordz. Musical ideas belong to kordz. Beridze would complete the tracks, adding few instruments (or none, in some cases), wrote lyrics and recorded vocals.
The artwork of the vinyl, made by Georgian artist Thea Djordjadze, resembles the concept of the music nonetheless. As though having nothing to do with neither celebrities, nor their clouds, it shows the sadness and the beauty of half-molten candle.