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Berlin x Tbilisi – Nikoloz Kapanadze: “Fenster nach Berlin”

19.09 - 23.09.2017

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➡ The interactive installation intends to serve as a bridge between urban spaces of Tbilisi and Berlin. The author of the project – Nikoloz Kapanadze is now a Berlin resident, but was born and raised in Tbilisi.

➡ The window frame which he uses as a canvas for projecting visuals was once part of his apartment in old Tbilisi – in this project, it becomes a symbol of his Georgian identity. All of the projected visual content is shot and edited by the author, showcasing fragmented bits of Berlin urban locations, again from the author’s perspective.

➡ Unfortunately, the window cannot teleport viewers from Tbilisi to Berlin or vice versa, but it offers an insight, a connection, a glimpse through frame to what it feels like to feel conneceted to two spatial points at the same time.