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Be Become Belong: A 2 hour Masterclass for Self-Growth


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Be | Become | Belong is a 2-hour masterclass with behavioral researcher Luca Dell’Anna that will empower you with the tools you need to develop your Self, your Skills and your Relationships.

Be: Being Your Future Self — Knock down barriers to Ideal You
We all have that Ideal Future Self that we want to be — someone more successful, happier, ahead in life. But it’s a long, tough struggle to get there from our Current Self.
Is there an easier way?
Sharing practical advice from his book, “100 Truths You Will Learn Too Late”, author and consultant Luca Dellanna will talk about the common obstacles we face in our journey towards becoming our Future Self. He will explain crucial concepts such as Addictions, Ego Investment and Internal Karma, and provide you with practical tips on an easier way to overcome your obstacles to be your Future Self.

Become: The Art of being Self-taught — Achieve more, on your own
Do you ever wish that you could master or learn something, but never had the time, money, talent or willpower to do it?
Tell you a secret: none of these is really important, as long as you know how to learn.
In this interactive dialogue session, Autodidact author Luca Dellanna and artist Wenlin Tan will explain crucial concepts such as Directed Learning and Feedback Loops, and share with you practical and useful tips so you can empower yourself to learn and create independently to realize your projects and dreams.

Belong: The Magic of Connection — Transform your relationships
Success is the sum of you and your tribe and the things you create together.
Unfortunately, most of us leave this to chance.
How can we develop our relationships with awareness & intention? How can we find and grow our tribe?
Drawing from her psychological training and expertise gained in the market research industry interviewing and connecting with others, ‘people-person’ Wenlin will guide you through Design Thinking & Psychological concepts. She will share practical exercises and actionable insights so you can harness the power of interpersonal relationships to seize opportunities and attain happiness and success in your life.
Be Become Belong is helmed by Luca & Wenlin