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ARAR – All Rights Are Right

Art Up - Street Gallery

03.09 - 17.09.2020

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From September 3, Fabrika is hosting Art | Up – Street Gallery and F-Orma Network’s  second joint exhibition in Georgia, a project by Florencian artist Daniele Saccardi (aka) Mr. Pulp about equality entitled ARAR – All Rights Are Right. The works will be exhibited in the exhibition space of Art | Up – Street Gallery – in Fabrika courtyard.

ARAR is a project about equality. There are many references to smiles and human contact. The essence of the man represented, drawn with neutral and almost androgynous forms, puts every being on the same level with respect to the world. We are all equal in the presence of nature. Emotions have no color, have no race and must never have it. The colors are full, there are no shades, because in this project there are no positions, if not the only one, that all rights are right.
The Author of the project “ARAR” – “All Rights Are Right” is Daniele Saccardi (aka) Mr. Pulp, Florencian artist. Since he was a child he loves drawing, he starts with the notebooks that his grandmother gave him, reproducing Mickey Mouse comics. His actual artistic training starts in middle school with a professor who will be his mentor, and will also follow him in the years of the Art Institute. His style has evolved over the years, touching many aspects of illustration. Drawing from life, bold and geometric lines, manual and digital collages, until the last period in which he decided to draw freehand.
Art | Up – Street Gallery is a digital art development movement creating an alternative, non-traditional space of exhibitions worldwide. The concept of Art | Up – Street Gallery is to introduce printed digital art by using Art Boxes installed in open spaces and streets, absolutely free and accessible for everyone.
F-Orma is an exhibition network formed of independent national and international creative players, which host, curate, promote and disseminate projects by young, up-and-coming artists.