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Fabrika in 2017

What happened in Fabrika in 2017? We present just 2 numbers about Fabrika below that, we think, gives great representaation of Fabrika in 2017. Here are the numbers: 1. 1327 cups of beer sold every day. That means 484 355 cups sold in 2017. 2. Hosted more than 320 events. In su...

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Superhero “Paco” with Constitution in Pocket

Today Georgian society’s attention is actively focused on the very important issue – Georgia’s Drug Policy. Our resident – Flying Painter – created the collection of the bright and colorful clothes with the message that resonates with the recent social protests ...

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Our Resident IMPACT HUB TBILISI is 1 year old!

Did you ever wonder what is there on the second floor of Fabrika with the writing on the window IMPACT HUB TBILISI? To say short – co-working space. But to be true, Impact Hub is much more than co-working space. Equipped with all the necessities for the office, entering Imp...

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