{ "image_url": "https:\/\/fabrikatbilisi.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/05\/Fabrika_back_image.jpg", "twitter_url": "https:\/\/twitter.com\/fabrika_hostel", "instagram_url": "https:\/\/instagram.com\/fabrika_tbilisi\/", "facebook_url": "https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/fabrikatbilisi", "address": "8 Ninoshvili St. Tbilisi, Georgia", "telephone": "+995322020399", "hostel_text": "YOUR JOURNEY STARTS HERE AT THE HEART OF TBILISI!", "courtyard_text": "PLACE FOR REBELLIOUS MINDS TO CREATE AND SHARE", "hostel_title": "FABRIKA HOSTEL & SUITES", "courtyard_title": "FABRIKA COMMUNITY", "meta_title": "Fabrika \u2013 Hostel and Urban Hotspot in Tbilisi", "meta_description": "Things to do and places to visit in Tbilisi, Georgia \u2013 all accumulated around Fabrika \u2013 hostel and an urban hotspot. Bars and events wait for those, who travel a lot!" }