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Scoot Scoot


Because scooter is fun!

As Tbilisi’s traffic is becoming more and more overloaded Scoot Scoot found the solution – scooters!

The group of scooter lovers and emerging entrepreneurs has decided to open the scooter rental service as they believe that riding a scooter is the best way to skip the traffic jams and explore the city.

Scoot Scoot is sure that very soon Tbilisi will be invaded by scooters. That is actually perfect for the city with the traffic jams and streets that narrow and curvy.

Want to see special places in the city? Scoot Scoot will help you out with their special tours around Tbilisi – places what you may not even find without them.

Follow Scoot Scoot’s tips and advices and in two-three days you will know Tbilisi as your own hometown.