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Flying Painter

Artist Studio , Shop

The atelier store and studio where every object has its social, political, critical or romantic content.

Tbilisi based artists and creatives united here – Eka, Bobo and Natuka – they all express themselves through fashion and their collections are more than just beautiful things to wear.

“Karamaniani” – a collection inspired by a Persian  epos with hand-made embroidery of quotes on each coat or dress is made for heroes and adventure lovers.

“Pako” – a Constitution in your pocket – is a reflection of recent protest in Georgia with a clear message: a Constitution in your pocket, literally printed inside pockets, will help you to remember your rights. This collection is very colorful and joyful.

Collection that tells a completely different story is called “Nino”. This is the name of the actual sewing factory that Fabrika now occupies. “Nino” produced soviet-style clothes for soviet women. Exactly these clothes from the late 80s can be found for sale at Flying Painter and they are gorgeous vintage pieces from the past.