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Cafe / Bar / Restaurant

Founded by a Georgian-Swiss couple, the Farina pizza joint appeared in Tbilisi in the middle of the COVID pandemic in 2021.

Farina makes its pizza in a wood-fired self-made brick oven;  their pizzas are how the owners should like their pizza to be – crusty on the bottom with quality ingredients and traditionally baked. 

The team experimented a lot with the dough and the baking before opening their doors to the customers. They bought the highest ingredients they could find at reasonable prices, tested different versions, and talked with friends to bring one of the best pizzas to the town. 

90% of the recipes are classic Italian; only two items on the menu are unique to Farina. The Casa Pizza combines dried figs, walnuts, and blue cheese inspired by the French, who like sweets and cheese and one of the Flammkuchen types they have invented. 

They have seven pizzas on the menu, two Flammkuchen, and homemade limoncello. Because their products were one of the best in town, they have kept everything the same since the beginning.