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Black Dog Shop

Artist Studio , Shop

No one ever has passed by Black Dog Shop without entering this magic book and souvenir shop!

Black Dog Shop has been launched by Zango Studio – a graphic design agency which was in charge of Fabrika’s whole identity and logo design. This is far more than just a design agency: pop-up exhibitions and workshops, meetings with people who want to share their art or creative ideas are often held in this cozy studio-shop run by a renowned graphic designer Manana Arabuli and her non-designer partner – musician and philologist Tamriko.

As the studio is mostly focused on book design, creating new fonts of a beautiful Georgian alphabet and all kind of printed design the shop is offering art books, copies of vintage posters, artists’s postcards and stickers, hand made notebooks and hand–printed totebags.  Also you have a chance to buy works of some emerging Georgian artists and photographers before they become worldwide famous and too expensive.