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If You Blink I Break The Spell | Pia Graf

Pia Graf

29.02 - 03.03.2024

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JPG Printshop with Fabrika Project Space will showcase the hypnotic animation worlds of Berlin-based visual artist Pia Graf at Fabrika’s Project Space in her solo exhibition If you blink I break the spell.

Pia employs experimental and narrative methods, integrating both analog and digital techniques into this selection of 2D frame-by-frame animations, wooden and aluminum prints. In addition, there is a pop-up store at the JPG Printshop where a range of Pia’s prints can be purchased.

The exhibition immerses the viewers in various themes that the artist explores. Pia often delves into social and psychological dynamics, gender and sexuality. Her artworks oscillate between fluid gender expressions, realms of fantasy and reality, and explore the bizarre and the absurd. They navigate the complexities of identity, perception, and the surreal with a captivating fluidity.