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Tbilisoba – Celebrating Tbilisi Days!


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This Sunday, October 8
Fabrika is celebrating Tbilisoba!

Tone თონე – At 15:00 and 17:00 you will have opportunity to bake Goegian traditiona Tone bread yourself!
Ceramic studio 1300 Jibu/Taso – During the period of 15:00-18:00
they will present how ceramic items are made using the special equipment. Also, you and little ones will have opportunity to get a piece of clay and make the items yourself
PIPES burger joint at Fabrika • პაიპს ბურგერ ჯოინტი ფაბრიკაში – Come and taste amazing mtsvadi and delicious desserts made of pumpkin and apples
@ Moulin Eleqtrique – Do not miss their famous Elarji and Churchkhelas
Plant Shop – Special offer of 50% discount on “Monstera” plant! If not for a plant, come to taste very rare Georgian traditional dessert – Candy of Orbeliani Family!
Camora Basement – the crazy barbers will transform your mustaches into Tbilisi style mustaches! Fried corn and chestnuts can be found here as well!