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11:45 - 20:00

Tel: +995597712146


Furniture , Souvenirs

Funduki is the one and only in Tbilisi!

This family business is producing eco-friendly furniture with no use of glue or screws. Chairs, stools, shelves and tables are assembled and dismantled like pieces of a puzzle. They come flat-packed so you can carry it really easily just like a normal baggage. Business idea appeared when “Funduki” family felt a lack of simple, comfortable and affordable furniture designed for all kind of apartments or holiday houses.

Beside furniture and home accessories shop offers “upgraded” ethno-souvenirs, all natural and colourful waffle towels, t-shirts and tote bags with Funduki’s original prints.

The shop itself is so beautifully designed with mirrors of different shapes in wooden frames, swings and minimalistic lamps that you immediately realize how your own place should look like from this very moment.